Bridging Over

What is it?

For Webelos IIs, they will bridge over to become Boy Scouts.  For all other dens, we call their rank advancement ceremony a "Bridging Over" as well.

When is it?

Webelos IIs typically Bridge Over in April.  If possible, doing the bridging over ceremony on the Opening Night of the Spring Camporee is a good idea, especially if both events are being held at Freedom Park

Where is it?

Webelos IIs Bridging Ceremony : Freedom Park

Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos I Bridging Ceremony : At the Spring Campout

When should planning begin?

Reserving a location for the Webelos II bridging ceremony should take place once the date & location is known for the Spring Camporee.  We typically rent the pavilon near the playground at Freedom Park.

Advancement Forms

Den leaders need to fill out their Den Advancement Report one week before bridging ceremony.  Den leaders should take 1 copy of this form with them to the Scout Store so they can pick up the rank badges.  Den leaders should send 1 copy of the Den Advancement Report to the Advancement Chairperson who should compile the information onto the Unit Advancement Report.  This should be filed at the Scout Store too. (verify, please)

Supplies Needed

  • Bridge (in shed)
  • Badges, belt loops, service stars, etc...
  • 8 torches and fuel (in shed)
  • Flashlight (to make reading easier)

What does it cost?

Webelos IIs costs:

  • Pavilion $70 payable to the County Parks & Recreation department
  • Arrow of Light awards can be purchased from
    • Award Plaque : $16 each for Oak (unfinished)
    • Arrow : $10 each
    • Feather Kit : $3.75 each