Pack 110 - Blue and Gold Dinner 2010

02/28/2010 - 17:00
02/28/2010 - 20:00

Hi everyone!  The Bears are hosting this year's Blue and Gold Dinner at the Freedom Optomist Club.
An evite has been sent out (If you did not receive an evite, please respond to: (  Please respond as soon as you know who in your group/family can attend. 

This year's theme is 100 years of scouting. We will ask dens to use a meeting in Feb. to talk about what kids did in 1910. Then, we will ask them to prepare a demo of a song, game, toy... for the day of the dinner.
As far as centerpieces, we are asking each scout to bring in 100 of something that says a lot about them, as a boy in 2010.  Ex: a scout may write down 100 songs that he likes , if he loves music.  Each boy should put this in a glass, mason jar, bowl.... something from their home,,, something to use as a display.
There is also the father and son cake contest this year.  Again, the theme is 100 years of scouting.  The cakes will be displayed during the dinner and serve as dessert.